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I am a film photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA offering new and expecting families organic, timeless photographs to record the most precious moments of life.

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Maternity & Newborn

Pittsburgh, PA Newborn Session on Film | Claire Elyse

I had the honor of photographing the Wolfe family as they welcomed their second baby girl into their family. Today I want to share Hannah’s journey through motherhood with you, because each of our stories are unique and special and not always easy. The images are beautiful, but what they mean to us makes them […]


The McKenna Family

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is this scenario: energetic little ones running around, mom gets that look in her eye like only mothers do when they can sense things might spiral out of control any second, and then…we PLAY! Something I am very passionate about during my sessions is to […]


Le Beirut

As we buckle our seat belts I close my eyes. Partially out of exhaustion, partially to center myself. I look down at Maya, she is totally sprawled out on me in a rather uncomfortable way. I don’t dare move though, there is nothing worse than waking her, but I know soon it will be time. […]


Four Tips to Rock a Sunrise Session | North Park Family Session

I LOVE to photograph in the morning. Sunrise sessions are early, but the light is gentle and delicate, and (maybe most importantly) young children are the most agreeable and happy. It is not as ‘golden’ as sunset, but there is a soft glow that bathes you in positivity and motivation. A FEW HELPFUL TIPS FOR […]


The Hollo Family | Mellon Garden

On a warm night, the sun glowing softly behind a thin layer of clouds, I met the Hollo Family. Scott, Jaci, & Parker. Mellon Garden lush and overflowing with blooms, we breathed in the sweetness of summer. Each flower and leaf interested Parker more than the last. I love to watch kids explore a new […]


Let Your Creativity Hatch

Hatch Art Studio is nestled on a tree-lined street in the heart of Point Breeze and has such an amazing community of learners! If you are in Pittsburgh, it is a must. Last month I did a limited edition mini session at Hatch Art Studio and NEVER BLOGGED IT. Am I out of my mind?! […]


Maya’s Kitty 2nd Birthday Party

Who else is obsessed with all things KITTY?? Maya is in love with kitties, so I put together a delicate and feminine kitty party to celebrate her turning TWO. My inspiration was drawn on a kitty decorative succulent pot I bought from Kelly Moore. I kept the crafts simple: Kitty whiskers & kitty coloring pages […]


Generations of Love | Pittsburgh Extended Family Session

As mothers, don’t we all wonder what our children will keep with them? I find myself often thinking about what my daughters might remember from this season of life. What will fade from their memories and what will ultimately be lasting impressions. Hoping of course, they will remember how we spent our evenings together playing, […]


3 Ways to Include Young Children in Ramadan

Ramadan is upon us once again! With the Holy Month just around the corner, I want to share with you a few ways we include our girls in the Ramadan spirit. If you are wondering ‘what is Ramadan?’, here is a video of adorable children talking about what Ramadan is. Simply, it is the ninth […]


Reframing Motherhood: Creativity for a New Perspective

In a dimly lit restaurant with tasty fare and good friends, I sipped from my glass and considered that feeling. That feeling when you do something you are passionate about, whatever it may be. And it occurred to me that not only do I love to take pictures for other families, I love love love […]

and when you appear all the rivers sound in my body, bells shake the sky, and a hymn fills the world.