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Reframing Motherhood: Creativity for a New Perspective

In a dimly lit restaurant with tasty fare and good friends, I sipped from my glass and considered that feeling. That feeling when you do something you are passionate about, whatever it may be. And it occurred to me that not only do I love to take pictures for other families, I love love love to document the days with my girls. If you follow me on social media you are sure to know this.

But I think it serves a greater purpose for me personally. I am certain it helps keep me sane as a work-at-home-mom (wahm). I am so fortunate to get to do what I love and be with my girls most of the days, and I know that it is a luxury. Despite this, sometimes the days can feel endless, repetitive, and mundane. Any mom knows this exactly. When I am feeling gloomy (or, let’s be honest, annoyed), I grab my camera and my girls and flee for the outdoors.  I let them play. I stand back, let them wander, and look through my view-finder.  And when I look through the view-finder to compose an image, I get a chance to re-frame my perspective. My perspective on life, on our day, on anything at all, even un-related. My mood improves, Nesrine and Maya are happier with the fresh air, and we all feel better.

It is a beautiful thing to feel so empowered over my emotions, and to know I have something I love to help me through motherhood. Taking pictures brings life into our days, creates beauty and calm. Too often I feel moms are meant to have no interests other than raising their children, but I whole-heartedly believe that when you feed your own passions that your children will benefit two-fold. There are so many ways to be creative: photography, painting, music, pottery, sewing, crafting, building, designing…the list is endless, everyday is a new opportunity.

What breathes life into you?

xoxo, Deseree

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