Hi and welcome!

I started photography rolling my own film and developing my images in my high school darkroom.

If you are wondering: yes, I was super cool. 

A lot has changed since then-I'm a lot cooler for one-but I'm still the same extroverted introvert (it's a thing!) who loves using light and shadows on film to tell a story.  

Meet Deseree

And the story I want to tell is yours. Every moment, every memory makes up the story of you. And your story is your legacy.

The legacy of your life. Of your love. Of your days. And all of the in between moments that turn into lasting memories.

I want to make the most beautiful images of your family, frozen in this very space and time as you are. When you look at your wall and see your family, I want your heart to skip a beat at the beautiful life you have created. These moments together are so precious and so fleeting, and in a blink they are gone.

Let me tell your story.

I love making yummy treats and healthy meals


Tidying and organizing clears my headspace so I have room to create. 


Nothing brings me peace as much as a walk in nature, breathing in the air and sounds of nature


1. Modern Love
2. The Moth
3. The Longest 
    Shortest Time


Curling up with a cup of earl grey and a good book feeds my soul

A good book

My favorite days are with Hashem and our girls, being silly, making waffles, playing outside



my must haves






I love to travel to new places, to explore something new, and learn about something I didn't know before. 

in my spare time

You can find me at the barre when I'm not with my girls or behind my camera.  As an instructor, I am so lucky to get to empower all the amazing,
strong ladies at The Barre Code! 

in my spare time

Hashem and I both enjoying spending time just the two of us, caring for our relationship outside of being parents. You can find us exploring fresh new eats around Pittsburgh, attending the symphony or theatre, or reading at a coffee shop. 

in my spare time

Image: Annie O'Neill Weddings

When I'm not taking care of my girls, taking photos, or traveling, I can be found curled up on our coach reading, journaling, or watching a favorite show with Hashem.

in my spare time