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Four Tips to Rock a Sunrise Session | North Park Family Session

I LOVE to photograph in the morning. Sunrise sessions are early, but the light is gentle and delicate, and (maybe most importantly) young children are the most agreeable and happy. It is not as ‘golden’ as sunset, but there is a soft glow that bathes you in positivity and motivation.


  1. Pack extra shoes, especially if you are wearing heels. The ground is dewy in the morning and if we are walking on grass it can be wet.
  2. Schedule to meet right as the sun is rising. Unless you are in a location with lots of higher tree lines that provide shade, the sun becomes too harsh for dreamy light quickly in the morning.
  3. Bring healthy snacks. This is true for ALL sessions with little children, but just a relevant reminder. I suggest against sugary candies during a session (they work well for post-session bribery, however). Sugared up toddlers often do not want to cuddle or sit still! This is especially true for morning sessions.
  4. Plan to leave with enough time to stop for coffee. This is a tip for moms & photographers 😉

Both sunrise and sunset offer gorgeous lighting to capture truly ethereal family memories. I love both, but since I don’t do as many morning sessions, I wanted to talk about it.

Jim, Alyssa, Annabelle, and David met me bright eyed on a breezy, partly cloudy Pittsburgh morning in North Park. We had such a lovely time and their images are swoon-worthy!

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