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The McKenna Family

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is this scenario: energetic little ones running around, mom gets that look in her eye like only mothers do when they can sense things might spiral out of control any second, and then…we PLAY! Something I am very passionate about during my sessions is to make it fun and to keep things relaxed. Only then, when the pressure is off, can the genuine interactions happen, the real smiles blossom, and the movement that makes an image grab at your heart take place. So just remember: sometimes it is okay to get your sillies out before you stand still!

These two strong-willed little ones won my heart, made me belly laugh, and seriously had us all sweating by the end of this gorgeous session but it was SO worth it because just look at these images!

Have a great weekend loves!

– D

Film scans: Richard Photo Lab

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