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Maya’s Kitty 2nd Birthday Party

Who else is obsessed with all things KITTY??

Maya is in love with kitties, so I put together a delicate and feminine kitty party to celebrate her turning TWO.

My inspiration was drawn on a kitty decorative succulent pot I bought from Kelly Moore. I kept the crafts simple: Kitty whiskers & kitty coloring pages (free!).

The food was simple mini sandwiches: tuna, egg, & chicken. A fruit tray, a veggie platter, muffins, and some pizzas from our local pizza place.

For an extra touch, I bought plain white popcorn boxes from Amazon and drew on a blinking kitty face.

For the favors, mini white tins filled with goldfish treated each child who attended.

Cake: Oakmont Bakery | Balloons: Etsy | Popcorn boxes, white favor tins: Amazon | Necklaces, kitty headbands: Target

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