Generations of Love | Pittsburgh Extended Family Session

As mothers, don’t we all wonder what our children will keep with them? I find myself often thinking about what my daughters might remember from this season of life. What will fade from their memories and what will ultimately be lasting impressions. Hoping of course, they will remember how we spent our evenings together playing, how I carefully rinsed each strand of hair night after night, how I put band-aids on every pretend scrape, how I knew exactly that one likes corn on her salad and the other without. And even hoping that they remember the tougher moments, too, knowing that ultimately we will always be there for each other.

So before I left on vacation, I had the opportunity to photograph the Boucher Family and the many generations that poured forth from the love of Hank and Marcie.  And let me tell you (well, show you, more accurately) the legacy of this family is everlasting. You can see the tender hearts of Hank and Marcie in each of their sons, and in each of their grandchildren.

Despite living in different cities, these images are the culmination of careful planning, a very lucky change in the forecast, and years and years of pure L O V E. I’ll never know the ins-and-outs of any family, but I can always see their hearts and their love wrapping each other up. That is what I aim to capture in my images, and that is why I hold this craft so passionately in my own heart.


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