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Pittsburgh, PA Newborn Session on Film | Claire Elyse

I had the honor of photographing the Wolfe family as they welcomed their second baby girl into their family. Today I want to share Hannah’s journey through motherhood with you, because each of our stories are unique and special and not always easy. The images are beautiful, but what they mean to us makes them all that more important.

“Claire Elyse, our little rainbow baby, is truly the rainbow after a very stormy year. After suffering a miscarriage, my mom lost her battle with breast cancer.  I found myself not only mourning the loss of my mom but also the loss of my baby, so when I became pregnant with Claire I was so happy but also so scared. Scared from my miscarriage, scared to repeat the trauma from Charlotte’s birth, scared to do this without my mom. So when I had Claire and it went perfectly and smoothly we were overjoyed, especially that in an amazing Circle of Life moment, our little girl was born at the exact time that my Mom delivered me!

My pregnancy journey was completely different than I dreamed it would be, but not a day passes that I do not feel eternally grateful for another healthy baby girl. I am thankful for the life I have and cherish all that I am blessed with. We do not know how long we have to enjoy it so I try to cherish the sweet little things when days feel too hard. Getting through this tough time was only possible with my loving husband, my amazing friends, family,  boss, prayer and therapist. Leaning on these amazing people kept me going. They would pick me up when I was down and would offer help even if I wouldn’t ask! I am so thankful for these people and my two beautiful little girls.”

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