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Pastel 2nd Birthday Milestone Session | Saylor at Sunset

The flowers were ready, the sun was out, the wind was blowing. It was a perfect evening to make beautiful memories of a very earnest, but very tender and adorable almost 2 year old, Saylor. Having a (nearly) 2 year old is challenging. I know–I have a 22 month old myself! There are so many emotions going on, so many new discoveries, so many new abilities (mentally & physically). These first few years of life are marked by change and growth, both by child and mother. It is a time of learning and grace, and adapting to a new life with a new baby.

And then that baby grows. And they change. And they say “Mama” and “Dada” and “I wuv ew”. They turn 2. And we want to remember every wispy baby hair, every chubby baby roll, every lip pout, every dewy eye.

I think we captured all of those moments in our time together last week. I am just loving creamy glow to these images, and these will definitely be moments not forgotten.

xoxo, Deseree

{Floral crown: Rosewood Boutique }

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