Best Places in Pittsburgh for Photos

Sometimes the familiar becomes new, especially when you look at it from the eyes of visitors. My sister-in-law and her family came to visit us this weekend (yay!!!) and it got me thinking of all the great places to take out-of-town visitors to show off gorgeous Pittsburgh. Their visit was brief as they have a busy itinerary while they are visiting the states from Kinshasa, but we got out to see some of the sights.  That’s how we found ourselves at Phipps at 6pm expecting to tour the gardens only to find they were closed (note to self: use the internet)! So we wandered around, took some pictures with the sky looming as the sun was setting. Classic Pittsburgh gloom. It was moody, but warm and fun.

So, here’s a quick list of a few locations that lend themselves for a photo-op, and give visiting family or friends a nice taste of the city of bridges.

  1. Mount Washington overlook (obligatory!)
  2. West End overlook
  3. Phipps, inside and around
  4. Panther Hollow
  5. Mexican War Streets
  6. Schenley Park (top of the hill across from Phipps)
  7. Andy Warhol Museum (and the Seventh Street Bridge)
  8. Carnegie Museum of Art, inside and around
  9. The Strip District


Happy touring!

xoxo, Deseree

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