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A New Tradition: Painting Wooden Easter Eggs

I found a little kit of wooden eggs, and I am seriously so happy that I did. Let me explain why wooden easter eggs are far better than smelly hard-boiled eggs.

-No smell (can you tell I’m not a fan of hard-boiled eggs yet?)

-Wooden eggs do not crack under the pressure of a toddler grasp.

-Use them year after year, creating new ones. And seeing how the designs change and mature with each passing year will be fun!

-You can use washable paint, so no stains from dyes.

-The brown color and texture of the wood make for gorgeous details.

Whichever way you decorate for the holidays, the most important thing is that you are spending time together being creative. I got this little set, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate! Note: I added some white and pink paint to mix shades of the colors and add visual interest. We also painted on paper and flowers for fun after we finished the eggs. Let your creative mind lead you.

Happy decorating! And Happy Easter!

xoxo, Deseree

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