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6 Best Items for Surviving Travel with Toddlers

Hiya friends! Happy Thursday!

As we prepare for our next transatlantic adventure, I want to share my top airport survival items.

  1. Babyzen Yoyo+: Trust me–you will never stroll the same way again. This stroller fits in the overhead on the airplane, AND you can fold it while holding baby.  I’ll give that a minute to sink in.
  2. CARES harness: Safe flying plus it keeps your squirmy lovely in place.
  3. e-Bags: pack with intention. These bags will change your packing organization forever!
  4. Backpack diaper bags: Hands-free! I love Tumi because pockets pockets pockets. Also Bag Nation makes a great one (linked below).
  5. Dohm travel sound machine: usb chargeable, this tiny powerhouse sounds like the real thing. And most important, reduces ambient noise so you can all sleep.
  6. Baby bjorn travel cot (light): Light, easy to fold, comfortable, compact. I’ve tried a few travel cots and I love this one best.

Traveling with little people is far from easy, but it is TOTALLY doable, and can actually be quite fun. So long as you are prepared!

Happy traveling! 🧳✈️

xoxo, Deseree

Links for items mentioned: Babyzen Stroller, CARES, e-Bags, Backpack Diaper bag–Freshly Picked/Tumi/Bag Nation, Dohm travel, Baby bjorn travel cot Light(Just a note: this is not sponsored, all opinions are my own based on my experience with the below items. While I link for convenience, I have no financial incentives.)

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