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The Blodgett Family | Pittsburgh Spring Session

When you become a big brother, there are a lot of changes. When you add a new baby to the family, there are a lot of changes. Todd, Nicole, and Austin are simply the epitome of love. They cooed and loved on little Bodie at our home session last week. Bodie was born early, and spent some time in the NICU so already he has overcome his share of obstacles even at such a young age. (You can see an adorable video of Bodie’s NICU graduation ceremony here).

While Bodie’s diagnosis is still uncertain, somehow Nicole takes everything in stride, a true maternal goddess. There is little scarier than the unknown, and we can throw whatever positive tropes we want at it but the fact remains that it is just so difficult. What is known, is that in the face of uncertainty Bodie will without a doubt have every support and unending love through it all.

Nicole and Todd are both stunning, but what I think is most beautiful are their warm smiles when they looks at their babies. You can feel how much they love them and each other, and although Bodie did not want to stay still (like all babies ever!) Nicole was calming and we were able to get some lovely moments of their life at this stage. This stage of motherhood is messy, and I love every family snuggle here and every gust of wind that sent hair blowing!

xoxo, Deseree

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