Hartwood Acres Mansions Family Session

The sun was streaming through the trees as both Ozzie and Quentin found their perfect sticks. Each stick unique in its size and shape, just like each boy. Running with all the energy of childhood, the Schneider Family and I played and laughed as we photographed our way around Hartwood Acres Mansions this past weekend! The beautiful spirits of each boy shone through and was a reflection of the light in their parents love. 

Ozzie has the refinement that comes with being 6 years old, is full of energy and excitement and things to say. Quentin is a curly head of an adorable wild child, so by the session’s end he had fallen off the curb (but took it like the champ 2-year-old that he is!).  Despite the freezing temperatures, it was a session full of love and laughter and tongues sticking out in silliness.

As you look through these images, the happiness just jumps off the screen and nestles itself right into your heart. 

xoxo, Deseree

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